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I am not motivated enough to write this week. I am being lazy.

It’s Tuesday. Day 2 of the week. I want to keep on the schedule of writing at least one post a week, but I have not had the chance to work on an article. The next two and a half weeks I will be traveling to India, so the posts will be from India and about India. This week is all about preparing for the travel.

I have some ideas in my mind that I want to write about, but I don’t want to rush them. I have to come up with a better writing schedule. How do people write - is something I should research more. I think writing does not happen at once, but rather in sessions where the writing happens in sessions over time. You build on a story, line over line, paragraph after paragraph. And then you take sometime to polish it and then publish. It’s like building a product.

Few months ago I subscribed to Casey Neistat’s Youtube channel and started watching all his videos. In March, 2015, he made a decision to make a movie(vlog) everyday, and followed through with till November 2016. If you know Casey Neistat, you know his work. Like him or hate him, he put out a lot of content and is one of the biggest youtubers.

If Casey can post a vlog everyday, I should be able to blog once a week.