Overcast is a podcast player that is available on iOS to listen to podcasts. I have been using overcast since 2015 and I have loved it. I stopped using it and switched to the stock Podcasts app on iOS for a minute when I could not get the podcasts on my watch, but then I switched back when watchOS allowed for Overcast to play podcasts directly on the Apple Watch - which is a game changer for me.

There are two features of Overcast that sets it apart from the other podcast players in the market - Smart Speed, and Voice Boost.

The smart speed feature is a time saver. It removes the extra silence between conversations and automatically speeds up and down a podcast episode. People have their own opinions about how this effects the podcast listening experience, but I enjoy smart speed - especially when I am low on listening time and want to be done with the podcast, but do not want to listen to it at 1.5 or 2x speeds.

Voice boost is like an equalizer that amplifies the voice so that the people in the episode sound loud and clear and the music takes a step back. This is particularly helpful when on a train or a bus or in any other noisy environment.

Marco Arment is the creator of the Overcast app. The app is big on Privacy and you do not need to even create an account to use the app. Give Overcast a shot!