You don’t have the time or the energy to follow stocks, which ones to invest, which ones to not. When to invest, when to take money out. Instead, invest your money in Index Funds.

There is a saying that a monkey throwing darts on a board with stocks can beat the market. That is because stock performance is difficult to predict. You can predict overall market easier than individual stock market performance. That is where Index Funds are a better investment.

Index funds are mutual funds that follow an index. This index maybe the S&P 500 Index or the Dow Jones Industrial Index, etc. So the stocks in these indexes(indices?) are the same stocks that are in the index that they are following. This gives you benefits from the market overall. The gains and losses are softened because there are winners and losers in a bunch. But in the long term, index funds will give you a better return overall. Index funds are invest and forget kind of investments. You buy some funds - one time or recurring - and then you let it churn and bubble. You reinvest your gains, and overtime you have a handsome return.

Index funds may not be as sexy as stocks, but in my opinion are a better investment. Here are a couple of examples of Index Funds:

VFIAX by Vanguard

SWPPX by Schwab